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Getting started with RNBO & Raspberry Pi @ MESS

Jay Curtis / lysdexic (Max Certified Trainer) & Tom Hall (Cycling '74) will lead you through setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time to work with RNBO, and how to use the GPIO pins to add controls and sensors for making your own standalone synthesizer running RNBO with controls.

The Sound of Cancer : SonoGene Module (2017)

The Sound of Cancer is a collaborative multidisciplinary group interrogating cancer, specifically Melanoma. I developed the SonoGene module as an interactive means of articulating the process of Melanoma in seven discrete phases from Melanocyte (Healthy Cells) to Apoptosis (Death of Cancer Cells.)

Using a Gyroscope + Accelerometer module with RNBO on the RPi

An IMU is a common module to use with microcontrollers for measuring tilt and rotation. They're small and are perfect for use in wearable technology and robotics projects. In this article we'll use an MPU6050 with the i2c protocol and get it talking to our RNBO patcher on the Raspberry Pi.

Light up some LEDs with RNBO on the Raspberry Pi

You've just made your own desktop synthesizer with RNBO and the Raspberry Pi, you're ready to switch the lights off and jam out - but there's no visual feedback... If there's a bleep in a dark studio but there's no pulses of twinkling light - did it even happen?