Getting started with RNBO & Raspberry Pi @ MESS

Getting started with RNBO & Raspberry Pi @ MESS

Getting started with RNBO & Raspberry Pi - presented by Jay Curtis/lysdexic (Max Certified Trainer) & Tom Hall (Cycling '74)

Here Jay and Tom will lead you through setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time to work with RNBO, how to get the most out of it, and how to use the GPIO pins to add controls and sensors to your Raspberry Pi - the outcome will be your own standalone synthesizer running RNBO with controls.

Things you'll need to bring

  • Laptop Computer & Headphones
  • Max + RNBO license (limited license provided to all participants)

If you have any or all of the the following - please also bring:

  • Your own RPi 3, RPi 4, RPi Zero 2/w
  • SD card with the RNBO run-ready image pre-installed
  • Breadboard and jumper wires

Materials we'll use

  • LEDs, Buttons, Photoresistors

Getting Started

First up ensure you have Max & RNBO running on your laptop. Open up the patch below - the workshop instructions are all inside the patcher :)

Each group will have access to at least one RPi with the run-ready image pre-installed. If you have your own, please install this image (1.0.0) ahead of time and follow along with the rest of the RPi setup instructions on the C74 website.

Our session is beginner friendly - but if you already have some experience you can select the intermediate project to build with your group.



I'm an audio programmer, data scientist, grad researcher and media artist from Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in DSP and interactive coding for sound design across a wide array of platforms.