Live shows, workshops and exhibitions

Getting started with RNBO & Raspberry Pi @ MESS

Jay Curtis / lysdexic (Max Certified Trainer) & Tom Hall (Cycling '74) will lead you through setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time to work with RNBO, and how to use the GPIO pins to add controls and sensors for making your own standalone synthesizer running RNBO with controls.

MKTF : Abletweet Demo & Performance

Dropped into Ned Rush‘s More Kicks Than Friends live stream to demo and perform a generative Max For Live device that uses the Twitter API and Node For Max to create MIDI clips in Ableton Live in real time.

Supporting Tom Hall (Cycling 74 USA)

Australian native now residing in Los Angeles, Tom Hall returns to Melbourne for his first live set in 9-years. Special Guests: Jannah Quill, Matt Leaf (Adl), Lysdexic Vs Aday

Supporting Rob Clouth // Vaetxh (UK) April 6, 2018

Hot off the back of his February release “Transition” on Max Cooper’s brand new label MESH, Rob Clouth joins us for an intimate live show at the freshly renovated My Aeon, performing works from both his current and Vaetxh catalogues for his first appearance on Australian soil in 4 years.