thec_la released on TSR – nanoloop minimalism comp

thec_la released on TSR – nanoloop minimalism comp

A compilation of long-form, minimalist nanoloop compositions.

Guidelines were as follows:

Any version of Nanoloop is allowed (including multiple copies of same/different versions). This includes the iOS/Android versions, but to even the playing field, please avoid using external samples.

MINIMUM length of 10 minutes. No maximum.

ANY genre is fine, but a minimalist/repetitive version of chosen genre is encouraged.

Submitted tracks must have some consistency throughout the compostion. Tracks with multiple sections are great, but try to avoid a “megamix” of clearly very different pieces. This isn’t a collection of EPs.

NO external effects or sound generators, with the exception of using EQ/compression. Please note that I may get these tracks lightly mastered/limited just to get volume levels consistent.

External clock signals are permitted, ONLY to control speed of sequencer.

Editing after recording is permitted.
Collaborations are permitted and encouraged.


released December 7, 2017



I'm an audio programmer, data scientist, grad researcher and media artist from Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in DSP and interactive coding for sound design across a wide array of platforms.