MTTS IV : Banish The Great Unclean One

MTTS IV : Banish The Great Unclean One

Modular Theme Time Sharewave Session number four.
With Modular Theme Time Sessions suspended, we go country wide with a wav file sharing event online. This is our fourth feature of artists around Australia & New Zealand collaborating virtually.

The theme: Banish the Great Unlean One
Theme winner : Andrzej Napiorkowski – Vespine –

Collaborative experimental session recorded using only eurorack modular synths. Five groups share WAV files to create music around the chosen theme. All groups had a starting WAV file as was created by the theme winner Vespine.

Group Black
Skwid –
Raghav Lakshman
Gregor McNish
Urban Spaceman

Group White
Sasha Jay
Ben Hallinhan
Chaos Bender
Ashley Cadell –

Group Blue
Lincoln JK Webber –
Greg Potter –
Lysdexic –
Cameron Stephen –

Group Green
Alien Frequencies –
Made in Space –
Patch –
David Prescott-Steed –

Group Red
Dan Pearson –
Runciter Coin –
Virus Installer –


Adrian Rachele – Event Organiser & Producer

Ashley Cadell – Producer

Gregory S.- Mastering – Soundform Recordings

Michael Cusack (Anthurium) – Album Artwork Concept



I'm an audio programmer, data scientist, grad researcher and media artist from Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in DSP and interactive coding for sound design across a wide array of platforms.